2021 Instagram Forecast

June 7, 2021

Instagram is the reigning supreme of social media for marketing, with 60% of people saying this is where they find new products. That's a whopping percentage when you take into account the 1Billion+ accounts on the platform. So, what do we predict for the year ahead? 


Authentic Content:

Raw and honest posts gain momentum quickly, with users caring more and more about the stories behind their Instagram feed. 


Social Responsibility:

To avoid being "cancelled" brands and influencers have to demonstrate responsibility for their community and the environment. Brands that show support for important causes (consider corporate social responsibility programs) will pick up an audience that aligns with their interests. #BLM, #MeToo, #climatestrike and #TimesUp will continue to dominate online activism.



Appropriate use can help your brand generate activity immediately. Popular hashtags will make your post visible for a short time frame (seconds to minutes), niche-specific hashtags will give you very targeted visibility. Relevance to the topic is essential because nothing is less appealing than a brand that misappropriated a hashtag for engagement.


Video Content:

GTV and Reels allow brands to promote across social media platforms to increase engagement. IGTV teasers are perfect for sharing on Stories, which now show on the Explore grid. TikTok hype will remain high, so drawing content inspiration from here (especially for Reels) will ensure your video content is relevant to the IG audience.

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