Marketing Challenges

June 7, 2021

Conventional thinking only gets us so far, and no matter the field, some problems need an innovative solution. Creative problem-solving has been around since the 1940s. Nevertheless, it hasn't been integrated into most workplaces. Especially in the creative field, branding, advertising and marketing can benefit from a fresh approach. 


Creative problem-solving is a four-step process that's easy to do and relies on the following principles:

-       Identify convergent and divergent thinking. Here's a straightforward explanation of what that is. 

-       Reframe a problem as an open-ended question.

-       Don't judge your solution; it'll shut down your problem-solving thinking. 

-       "No, but." is the enemy of creative problem-solving. Instead, say yes and work creatively to find the solution. 


As for the four-steps, they are simple: 


1.    Clarify:

Identify the problem you need to solve or your vision and complete the relevant research. For example, if you have low website traffic, identify why this might be. Is it a lack of brand awareness? A poorly designed website?

2.    Ideate:

Explore. Explore. Explore. Create a list of all your options! For example, if you identify a lack of brand awareness as your problem, use your research to brainstorm, prototype, sketch, or play the Worst Possible Idea.    

3.    Develop:

Following your brand's ideation session, evaluate your options and analyse the best path forward. Create roadmaps and write a pro/con list. 

4.    Implement:

After you've decided on a path forward, create and follow a plan. 


If you need help to find an innovative solution to your brand's problem, contact us at Milkman.