How To Get Hired in the Creative Industry

June 7, 2021

Are you a student beginning the daunting task of finding your first job? It can be difficult, especially if you’re looking to break into the creative industry. But whether you’re a designer, writer or coder, here are tips from the experts at Milkman to get you noticed:

  1. Polish your resume by triple-checking spelling and formatting:
    There’s nothing that shouts unprofessionalism faster than a sloppy resume. Perfecting things like borders, font sizes, and bulleting shows you have an eye for detail - an essential skill for any creative career. A perfect resume won’t get you the job, but will stop you getting discarded in round 1. 

  1. Disregard your resume completely but deliver an outstanding folio:
    This is what creative agencies will focus on in the hiring process. At Milkman, we don’t care about which university a designer went to; we care about them being able to demonstrate their skills and creativity. You can link your resume to an online folio using a service like FolioHD, Folio Drop or Berta. 

  1. Nail the interview by dressing well and speaking with confidence:
    Refer to your folio and resume if you want to highlight the work you’ve done but focus more on showing off your personality. 

  1. Understand that an agency considers more than your resume and folio:
    They need to have confidence in your ability to handle client meetings and presentations. So if someone takes you to a cafe during the hiring process, they’re watching how you interact with the waiter and whether you have manners eating your muffin. This gives an idea of emotional intelligence and how you’d handle yourself in a meeting context.