Being kind to your mind pt.2

June 7, 2021

Milkman's mental health tips in the creative industry 

Low and behold part two of being kind to your mind. Expert advice from industry professionals in the creative field! Become more aware of the little things that you can implement into your daily routine that will help improve your mental health. 

  1. Find a community 

A lot of creative professions believe that their best work flow comes from being solitaire where they can think in peace and let the magic happen. Even if this sounds like you and you're someone who needs a lot of space, too much time in your own mind is not healthy. 

Find supportive communities, meet up with people for coffee to break up your work life, or even organise regular hangouts with people who are in the same industry as you. Avoid surrounding yourself with people who are negative. 

Find a supportive group of people who will challenge you creatively and push you in your career. 

Remember: A community is a two way street, you will get what you put into it - the more positivity you give the more you will receive from it. 

  1. Learn to listen to your body 

It’s such an obvious thing to mention but more often than not we are so immersed in our job that we forget to eat lunch or maybe on the flip side you’re so aggravated that you can't focus on your work!

The simple formula to solve (almost) all these problems:

Eat, sleep, keep moving your body!

Look after your body and it will fuel your mind. 

  1. Commit to plans 

Making plans, writing lists and sticking to them is a great way to keep to the rhythm of your day and maximising productivity. There is something to be said about the act of ticking off goals and to dos on your list. 

Word of warning from the list masters of Milkman, don't overfill your lists at the beginning of your day. You can always add more as you tick things off, this is to make sure that you aren't overwhelming yourself with an unrealistic schedule. 

  1. Jot down personal ideas 

Creative downtime is essential for managing good mental health and wellbeing, as well as benefiting your work. This simple yet effective habit to have will open up the most mundane thoughts to becoming something with a more creative edge. Whilst you are at work remember to jot down any creative ideas that pop into your head so that you can schedule in time for when you're free to creatively explore these thoughts. 

From connecting with a supportive community, committing to your own routine, to looking after your own health and wellness. Milkman is a big believer in cultivating an environment that encourages their employees to be more conscious of their personal and professional well-being.