Tips to Make the Most of Video Content

June 7, 2021

If you’re on a low budget or having trouble coming up with content, your brand can easily repurpose videos and podcasts; it’s just a matter of being tech-savvy and creative. You can use the big-budget video on your website, or the effortlessly good Instagram live from last year, and repackage this to create engaging social media content. 


Tip 1:

Strip the audio from videos. Audio snippets could be cool to integrate into IGTV or Reels, and at the very least will make interesting podcast soundbites. 


Tip 2:

Transcribe the video or podcast and post it as a blog. There are tonnes of tools to help you do this, but we recommend Trint because it breaks the text up according to speakers and is simple to use. 


Tip 3:

Use snippets of the video or podcast for Facebook and Instagram Stories, or LinkedIn videos. Cutting video is easy to do with iMovie or Movavi


If you’re struggling to create social media content, Milkman is here to help.